What is The Sophia Framework?

Ever wonder why smart people can do such stupid things? Many people will tell you that intelligence isn’t enough – and that’s true.


 But where everyone else is looking to sell you the next big “intelligence”, The Sophia Framework shows you how intelligence, rationality, and wisdom are connected, and how to use this knowledge to grow. The Sophia Framework is a system of personal cultivation and development, designed to help you maximize your abilities and optimize your performance. It is a psychotechnology: a set of mental skills that you can learn and master, embedded in a theoretical landscape that helps you troubleshoot your own cognition and think better. The Sophia Framework doesn’t just work to expand your personal abilities, it helps you enhance your ability to work well with others, improving the overall health and effectiveness of entire organizations. The Sophia Framework is available as a set of seminars, courses, and support material, delivered via our consultants, all of whom are trained and educated by the architects of the system.

At the heart of The Sophia Framework is the RISE principle, the understanding and cultivation of four crucial cognitive abilities: Rationality, Insight, Self-Regulation, and Empathy. These four capabilities span the key elements of human cognition and potential – improving any one of them is of great value, but to be able to train them in synergy improves both individual and group performance exponentially. RISE is not merely a set of techniques to use, but a suite of skills to master – not just tools, but the discernment to know the right tools for the right time.  RISE takes you out of the domain of artificial problems and canned solutions, and allows you to harness the process of trouble-shooting, problem-solving, and optimizing thinking to deal with new and unexpected situations – wisdom for the real world.

Rationality – How can we think more clearly?
Learn how to deal with the very common pitfalls of human reasoning and how to hone your critical acuity with processes of structured inference.

Insight – Where do ideas come from?
Develop your creativity and ability to see situations in usefully different ways.

Self-Regulation – What’s the best way to plan and follow through on your plans?
Manage yourself and learn to lead others by connecting to your own goals and enhancing your ability to take charge of life.

Empathy – How do we enrich our understanding of ourselves and others?
Harness powerful skills of communication, cooperation and persuasion.

The Sophia Framework comes from solid, proven research in Neuroscience, Organizational Psychology, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Science. Cutting-edge science informs and underlies The Sophia Framework – it is a rigorously-developed, well-supported system, with extensive, interdisciplinary literature behind it. The Sophia Framework combines these critical disciplines into a practical psychotechnology that you can learn and master.