Why Do You Need It? 2018-06-05T04:19:41+00:00

The Sophia Framework is the user manual for your brain. Most people never learn either how the brain works or how to use it effectively to leverage their potential. Many people confuse knowing with thinking, but having a lot of facts does not make you smart. In fact, what you know is much less important than how you think. If you can think well, you can turn knowledge into ideas, ideas into plans, and then translate those plans into action. This isn’t something that we’re just born with — cognitive know-how is trainable and attainable.

The Sophia Framework puts the RISE psychotechnology at your disposal, which allows you to jointly and individually train key cognitive skills. This training functions both for individuals and for groups, helping everyone realize their own abilities, as well as their collective potential. The Sophia Framework is designed so that you can get the most out of yourself and the best out of your people.